Chourico Bread – A crisp bread rolled with slices of Chourico Sausage and tomato puree with cheese.
R 75
Chourico Assado – Flambe Chourico Sausage, served with a Bianca Pizza
R 75
Feijoada – Portuguese Pork & Bean Stew, served with a Bianca Pizza
R 105
Baked Lasagna – Beef / Chicken & Mushroom / Veg
R 90
Antipasto Platter – An assortment of Italian cured meats & cheese served with a Bianca Pizza
R 130
Special Salad – Garden Salad with Feta, Chicken, Avo & Anchovies
R 85

Garden Salad: Crisp Lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, tomato, onion, carrots, peppers & olives
R 38
Chips: Crispy potato wedges
R 38

Pasteias De Nata – Portuguese custard tartlets.
R 20
Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce – Beautifully creamy vanilla ice cream & delicious chocolate sauce. R 30
Affogato Ice Cream – A scoop of vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso.
R 35
Dom Pedro – Everyone’s favourite, with your choice or Amarula or Kahlua
R 40

MONDAY Pasta : Alfredo, Bolognese or Napoletana Sauce with a choice of Spaghetti or Penne
R 80
TUESDAY Trinchado : Cubed Rump steak in a tomato peri-peri sauce served with:
Bianca Pizza :
Pasta :
R 85
R 95
WEDNESDAY Peri-Peri / lemon & Herb Chicken – Served with a roll and salad or chips
Half Chicken:
Full Chicken:
R 85
R 135
THURSDAY Chicken Livers – Prepared in a peri-peri tomato sauce served with
Bianca Pizza :
Pasta :
R 75
R 85
FRIDAY Eisbein – Slow cooked in our wood fired oven served with a roll, Sauerkraut or chips or salad
R 130
SATURDAY Espetada – Chunks of Rump Steak served on a skewer, rubbed in coarse salt and bay leaves served with a roll and salad or chips
R 155

Please check with your waiter / waitress if selected specials are available on other days.